The Lubavitch Mesivta of Kingston, founded in 5777, is located in the Anash community of Kingston, PA, three hours from New York. The yeshiva is a place where chassidishe bochurim can grow in learning and avodas Hashem.

The Yeshiva is designed for motivated bochurim that are Yirei Shomoyim, ready for a Mesivta level of learning, and are looking to advance in chasidishkeit.

In the Kingston Mesivta, the hanhala facilitates advanced learning and caters to the personal growth of each individual bochur. Smaller class sizes allow the hanhala to foster a warm individual connection with each talmid and focus on guiding ambitious young bochurim to become temimim.

A spacious zal provides ample space for bochurim to learn, daven and farbreng. Between sedorim, bochurim can make use of many parks and fields in the area.


Rabbi Shimon Hellinger

Rosh Yeshiva

Rabbi Yehudah Leib Aronson


Rabbi Pinny Levitin


Rabbi Uri Perlman


Shluchim further provide the students with a chassidishe chayus and friendly support.

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The yeshiva dormitory is located one block away from the Zal. The dormitory has a dorm counselor who supervises the bochurim and is available in any case of need.

Shabbos is an important part of yeshiva life. Bochurim daven and learn together in yeshiva. For Shabbos meals, bochurim will eat at the homes of hanhala and other chassidishe Anash. At times, the bochurim will have a group meal in the yeshiva, led by the shluchim.

Bochurim are given reshus to go home every 4-6 weeks as needed. Bochurim will generally get reshus to leave Thursday night and return before Sunday evening.

A phone in the yeshiva will be available for bochurim to use during the breaks. Bochurim may bring cell phones with a kosher certification and it will be given to them at designated times.

Yoshvim Program

A new “Yoshvim” program offers bochurim ages 18-20 satisfying learning in a revolutionary arrangement. The bochurim will have an advanced learning program focused on practical halacha with clear hadracha in mastering the material.

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Located in the Kingston, PA
community near the Pocono mountains.


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